The Tale of ‘The Cut’

I've often used the phrase "I'll shave my head" as a worse case scenario when it comes to losing wagers of all sorts. Although I've lost more than a few of said wagers, I've never actual had someone be persistent enough to make me shave my head, or even trim the mop that I call a hair-style. That is, however, until the Niagara trip. A few of us were sitting on the balcony (a certain one of us was attempting to tan) when somehow the idea of an 'anti-mohawk' was proposed. That lead to "Yo, you should shave your head!" Of course, I counters with, "Fine. Get the thing & I'll do it." Obviously, no one goes on vacation with that little buzzing machine, so I'd obviously get off free. However, after the trip, the idea did anything but fade away. I saw the buzzer thingy in two different stores before it popped up on sale in a flyer. Obviously, I took the word 'sale' as a sign & figured I had to do it. Therefore, I present to you, 'The Cut.'

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