Are We Back Yet!?!

I'm tired; I'm hungry; I'm short on monetary funds; and I've got four assignments due next week. Why did I come back to this place? Those of you in the know, know that I tried to start the final edit of the movie yesterday. Initially, I didn't know how to turn on the Apple G5 (shameless boosting, eh?), where to plug in both the camera & headphones or how to import the files or how to use Adobe Premier Pro CS4 (SHAMELESS!). I got it after a while, but after editing all the 8.8.09 footage down to less than 20 mins, all the audio sounded as if we all were doing helium shots throughout the party. Watch for attempt two next week, I guess. All that, plus a blind lady kept me from making the trainConfused. Just another day in the life..."of the g0%&@# boss!"

2:10pm - ALMOST fell asleep in PHL again. I really need to catch up on the Zzz's!

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