Garfunkel Runs Things!

Ok, we have Train A, B and C. Train A leaves at time x, B leaves at time (x + 15 mins) and C leaves at time (x + 25 mins). Train A departs it's station but breaks down. Since it can't move, Train B has to push Train A all the way to the final destination causing to arrive at my stop later. Thus, Train C (which originates from my stop) was PACKED this morning. Here I thought the whole reason of waking up for Train A was to avoid being late.

Today's lab was murder for my knees. So now my elbows, knees and back are shot AND I need sleep! The quiz today (one of my reasons for sleep deprivation) was 4 questions long and I screwed one up. Everybody guessed and I guessed wrong. Oh well, 75% beats a fail right?

Now for the fun part of my day. I'm walking home and get caught up behind some Venezuelan baseball fans (who were doing as well as I was in that CRAZY wind today). At the usual intersection where I cross, I miss the light so I have to keep going straight. I pass by those cops you see on the bikes, wondering what they ever really accomplish on those things. As I'm walking, I here someone yelling. I turn back and there's a homeless guy screaming at some guy trying to walk! He yells at at least 3 separate people before he takes a swing at someone. At this point me & everyone around is watching while continuing to walk (we sure are a helpful bunch, right?). Those same cops I passed cycle into action & take down the guy, who is still whaling! Sidenote: when I passed the first guy who got yelled at, there were tears in his eyes. I hope those were caused by the wind, but if not; keep your head up homie! All in all, a beautiful day in the neighbourhood.

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