Cosentino or Campbell: “Have a day young man, have a day”

9:53am - The fact that none of us got tickets to that game in our own city is unimaginable. Oh well, at least we won't be spending money on ballpark food; gotta fight the recession somehow right?
5:15pm - Great baseball game. Joey Votto takes the same train as I do, so respect to him for knowing my struggle. 6-5 for the States. Can't wait for the next one.
8:35pm - Shout-outs to the late spider who used to be in my room. It made a web that circled most of the room & I'm sure that wasn't in there before. I tell ya, they should make a superhero like that. Some sort of Spider-person...
9:33pm - I thought about it, but I can't save this for tomorrow. You need to play this video now if you live in my city!

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