almost Perfect

Okay, let's go over the events of yesterday before they're forgotten forever. I got the results from Tuesday back & I shall live to fight Calculus for another day. I went to the office looking for help & S.N. basically told me I'm screwed (S.N. is still my favourite figure of authority though). Later, I felt like I saw almost everybody while just standing around. All I needed was a cameo from Kam or Berenger & the cast would've been legendary! Still wish I got one of those free cowboy hats though. Oh well, c'est la vie right? Great times on the train ride home too! Shout-outs to everyone involved in my Friday! Good days may not seem to come often but when they do, be sure to enjoy them.



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  1. Im sorry for letting the team down, won't happen again. BTW what was up with the cowboy hats? Was someone handing them out?